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What People Are Saying...

Michelle S.

It never ceases to amaze me that every single class with you results in a new understanding and awareness of some aspect of my psyche. I love it so much!!  Thank you!!

Victoria W.

Out of all of the practices I'm currently doing including yoga, meditation and fitness training, breathwork with Mike has had more of an impact than any other!

Marcel H.

Thank you so much…
that was an unexpectedly intense experience and one I’ll gladly practice more of!


Benefits of Breathwork 

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Breathwork helps lower cortisol (stress) levels in the body and naturally boosts the feel good hormones of serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine.

Improves Sleep Quality

Breathwork helps relax your thinking mind and your nervous system, especially when practiced near bedtime, helping you fall asleep faster and get a deeper rest.

Increase Energy Level

Breathwork ramps up blood flow and increases oxygenation leading to more energy throughout the day.

Boost Immune Response

Breathwork creates a more alkaline state through the higher exchange of oxygen and Co2, which lowers the stress on your autonomic system, making the immune system stronger to ward off disease and illness.

Process Emotional Weight

Breathwork can help you process emotional traumas and painful memories that are stored in the body and subconscious mind. Your own breath has the power to help set you free.

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What can you expect from a breathwork class?

You can expect to experience a warm and supportive atmosphere, a powerful 24 minutes of active breathing supported by music and verbal guidance. Each class is designed to encourage introspection and cultivate more love. After the breathing, we also take a few moments to go into the silence of meditation which is an incredibly powerful contrast to the breathing practice. 



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